ODM & OEM Solutions

ODM Description:


ODM, short for Original Design Manufacturing, signifies ERDI's collaborative approach with your project, where we tailor and refine complete specifications to match your requirements, rather than solely relying on ERDI's initial product specifications. The ODM model entails ERDI manufacturing products that precisely align with the specifications set by your company. It's important to note that while ODM traditionally referred only to the manufacturer, within our tech industry, it now encompasses any party involved in the relationship.


In many cases, these fully customized projects are managed by ERDI's dedicated account managers, who assist your company throughout the entire process, from initial needs assessment to transportation, logistics and supply chain maintenance. Understanding the difference between OEM & ODM manufacturing relationships can be challenging, so we’ve explained it specifically.


Why choose OEM & ODM?


Our OEM services have become an important business for technology companies with the ability to design and produce custom solutions. Why? In short, through our OEM services, your company can leverage our software and hardware R&D and manufacturing capabilities to obtain comprehensive product solutions without worrying about product assembly and logistics. Your company receives customized products manufactured to its specifications, allowing you to get a perfect product and enhance your brand. OEM&ODM production can be done at both the hardware and system levels, allowing customization of motherboard layout, performance, 3D structural dimensions, and overall design and specification adjustments to meet the needs of the end user.


Services, processes and procedures:


As a comprehensive OEM service provider, ERDI provides products that meet the diverse needs of customers. Need a standard system with just your logo? Need a different motherboard or dedicated I/O? Light customization is part of our OEM service.


For projects requiring fully custom equipment, ERDI offers a full suite of OEM/ODM services, including:


  • Laser pulse energy
  • Electronic component model of circuit board
  • 3D structure
  • Divergence angle
  • Receiving aperture
  • Installation method
  • LOGO
  • Software
  • Ranging frequency


By providing OEM & ODM services, ERDI ensures that your company's specific needs and specifications are met, providing tailor-made solutions to enhance your product needs and brand image.