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Stable Performance:

The laser ranging system has high accuracy, reliable and stable performance in high and low temperature usage scenarios, and the impact is ≥1600g, 1ms.MTBF≥1500h.

- Wilson

OEM Seamless Integration:

I am very pleased that the ranging module is exquisite in design and is delivered without a casing, making it very convenient for OEMs to integrate it into their own systems or equipment.

- Alfredo

Game-Changer for DIY Enthusiasts:

As a DIY enthusiast, this ranging module has improved the accuracy of my projects. From golf to industrial measurement, the stable performance quickly fulfilled my wishes.

- Elvis

Industrial-Grade Performance:

In an industrial environment, accuracy is non-negotiable. The module’s industrial-grade performance stands out and simplifies our design process with reliable measurement performance.

- Kevin

Compact Structure:

The application of this laser rangefinder module can be integrated in a variety of systems. I am deeply impressed by its light weight, compact structure, and its friendly software system.

- Albert

Reliable and User-Friendly:

The user-friendly interface of this laser rangefinder makes it an excellent tool. It is reliable, accurate and Class 1 eye-safe, and is extremely portable and can fit easily in your pocket.

- Charles

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