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Ranging Capability≥1500 m
1M Eye Safe
Weight ≤20 g
Dimention ≤Φ23mm×46mm

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Ranging Capability≥2000 m
1M Eye Safe
Weight ≤10 g
Dimention ≤25×26×13mm

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120mJ Laser Target Designators
Weight ≤2000 g

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120mJ Single-Lens Laser
Ranging Target Designator

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Precision Leaders in Laser Target Designators and Rangefinders

Erdicn stands at the forefront of laser technology, specializing in the development and production of high-precision Laser Target Designators and Laser Rangefinders. Our products, renowned for their accuracy and reliability, are essential in a range of applications from handheld devices to drone autonomy, electro-optical pods, and border surveillance.
Each product in our portfolio, from our advanced 1535nm laser rangefinder modules to our 905nm pulse laser ranging systems, is designed with a focus on enhancing precision. Our commitment to innovation ensures each model offers superior performance, meeting the critical demands of laser measurement and target designation.
What distinguishes Erdicn is our rigorous adherence to international quality standards. Our laser products are not only certified with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 but also boast European Union CE and US FDA approvals, reflecting our dedication to global compliance and excellence.
With a robust service network that extends across continents, Erdicn serves over 200 clients globally, consistently upholding a reputation for reliability and high customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive after-sales support and proactive customer service are pillars of our business, ensuring a 99.99% customer satisfaction rate.
Choose Erdicn for your needs in laser technology, where precision meets reliability. Join a growing base of clients who trust in our capability to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to advanced measurement and targeting needs.

Why Choose Us?

Innovation & Partnerships

Choosing ERDI TECH connects you with a leader in laser technology, offering innovative products from laser rangefinder to Laser Ranging Target Designators for a variety of uses from drones to border surveillance. Our commitment to advancement and quality makes us the preferred choice for top-tier laser solutions, emphasizing both product innovation and strategic industry collaborations.

Quality Assurance

At ERDI TECH, quality and reliability are paramount. By employing the latest testing technologies, we ensure our products adhere to the highest standards of performance, safety, and durability. Recognized globally, our certifications from entities such as GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015, the European Union CE, and the US FDA affirm our adherence to international benchmarks, underscoring our pursuit of excellence.

100% Customer Satisfy Services

Serving over 200 clients worldwide, we prioritize after-sales support with comprehensive warranties and maintenance plans designed to exceed expectations and maintain high satisfaction rates. This commitment solidifies our leadership in laser rangefinding and thermal imaging, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Customer Reviews

Stable Performance

The laser ranging system has high accuracy, reliable and stable performance in high and low temperature usage scenarios, and the impact is ≥1600g, 1ms.MTBF≥1500h.

Alice Williams

OEM Seamless Integration

I am very pleased that the ranging module is exquisite in design and is delivered without a casing, making it very convenient for OEMs to integrate it into their own systems or equipment.


Improved the accuracy

Erdicn's ranging module has improved the accuracy of my projects. From golf to industrial measurement, the stable performance quickly fulfilled my wishes. Thanks for their strong support on quick delivery

Jason Wills

Industrial-Grade Performance

In an industrial environment, accuracy is non-negotiable. The module’s industrial-grade performance stands out and simplifies our design process with reliable measurement performance.

Kevin Walker

Compact Structure

The application of this laser rangefinder module can be integrated in a variety of systems. I am deeply impressed by its light weight, compact structure, and its friendly software system.

Charlotte Swift

Reliable and User-Friendly

The user-friendly interface of this laser rangefinder makes it an excellent tool. It is reliable, accurate and Class 1 eye-safe, and is extremely portable and can fit easily in your pocket.

Aamir Khan

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