1535nm Microchip Laser

ERDI's 1535nm Microchip Laser Modules combine cutting-edge laser technology with advanced optics, providing accurate distance measurement for laser rangefinders, LiDAR systems, and beyond. This versatile solution is crucial for achieving precise targeting and navigation, ensuring optimal performance with minimal risk.
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 High Repetition Frequency Erbium Glass Laser

High Repetition Frequency Erbium Glass Laser 40μJ

DESCRIPTION 1535nm High Heavy Frequency Erbium Glass Laser Module is a high heavy frequency human eye safe laser developed by ERDI TECH LTD based on Er:glass passive Q-modulation technology, which...
1535nm laser

Microchip Laser Module 100μJ

DESCRIPTION 1535nm laser is one of the solid-state laser series provided by ERDI, which is based on Er:Glass and Co:Spinel composite crystals. This excellent erbium laser utilizes mature bonding and...
1535nm Microchip Laser Module

Microchip Laser Module 200μJ

DESCRIPTION The wavelength of this 1535nm laser falls precisely between the eye safe and atmospheric windows, making it widely studied in the fields of laser ranging and electronic communication. Er,Yb:...
Microchip Laser Module

Microchip Laser Module 300μJ

DESCRIPTION The Erbium Glass Laser is a type of laser that utilizes erbium as the activating ion and ytterbium as the sensitizer in a laser glass medium. ERDI has developed...
Microchip Laser Module

Microchip Laser Module 500μJ

DESCRIPTION The most important advantage of this 1535nm laser with a pulse energy ≥500μJ is the safety of  eye safe. The light emission time is within a pump pulse time...
Microchip laser

1535nm Erbium Glass Laser 2mJ

DESCRIPTION ERDI's self-developed 1535nm erbium glass laser transmitter utilizes diode-pumped microchip technology with pulse energies up to 2mJ or more. The laser operates stably at a frequency of 1-5Hz with...
8mJ Eye safe DPSS Laser

8mJ Eye safe DPSS Laser

DESCRIPTION This Laser Energy: 8mJ Er:glass eye-safe laser is a diode-pumped, water-free, passive Q-switched laser that combines eye-safe wavelength operation with high peak power, short pulse duration (pulse width), and...

Microchip Laser

ERDI's Microchip Laser stands at the forefront of laser technology, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. With its compact design and advanced features, this laser module delivers precision and efficiency in various applications. Engineered for versatility and durability, it serves as a cornerstone for innovation in laser-based systems.

Key Advantages

Discover the key advantages of ERDI's Microchip Laser. From its high energy efficiency and precise beam control to its robust construction and long-term reliability, this laser module offers unparalleled benefits. Its compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for integration into portable devices, while its superior performance ensures consistent results in diverse environments.


Explore the wide-ranging applications of ERDI's Microchip Laser across industries. Whether used in laser rangefinders for military applications, LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles, or medical devices for precision surgery, its versatility and performance excel in demanding scenarios. From industrial automation to scientific research, this laser module empowers innovation and drives progress in countless fields.