About Us

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As a company steadfast in pioneering high-tech innovation, we dedicate ourselves to the research, development, and manufacture of cutting-edge laser technology products, including 11535nm microchip lasers, 1535nm laser ranging modules, 1535nm telescope laser rangefinders, 905nm pulse laser ranging modules, laser ranging target designators. Our portfolio caters to applications across handheld ranging, drone autonomy, electro-optical pods, and border surveillance, each product architected from the ground up to ensure continuous technological edge and innovation.


Our commitment to technological advancement and superior quality is reflected in our global adoption of the most sophisticated testing technologies and equipment, ensuring our products meet rigorous standards for performance, safety, and reliability. We relentlessly pursue perfection, aiming to set a benchmark that surpasses industry quality norms.


All our products are accredited with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 certification, along with the European Union CE and the US FDA approval, signifying our steadfast adherence to international quality and safety standards. With a foundation of trust, professional service, keen customer insight, and agile responsiveness, we've earned a stellar reputation for reliability in our sector. This prestige, backed by enduring customer loyalty, supports our global operations serving over 200 clients and underpins our extensive service network across continents.


We believe the sale is merely the first step in our customer relationship; exceptional after-sales support is crucial for sustained collaboration. Our promise encompasses comprehensive warranties and maintenance for all products, ensuring the protection of customer rights. We strive to exceed customer expectations in service, maintain a 99.99% customer satisfaction rate, and offer exhaustive, patient return policies. Our endeavors have positioned us as a preeminent global provider in the development and production of laser rangefinding and thermal imaging solutions.