905nm Pulse Laser Rangefinder Module

The 905nm laser ranging module is a long-distance, high-precision, small-volume and low-power laser ranging product developed by ERDI based on the 905nm semiconductor laser.
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OEM Laser Rangefinder

905nm Laser Rangefinder Module 1200A1

OEM Laser Rangefinder DESCRIPTION The Type 1000A is an innovative OEM laser ranging module that operates at a wavelength of 905nm and offers a suitable range for measurements: ≥5m to...
905nm Laser Rangefinder Module

905nm Laser Rangefinder Module 1200A

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ERDI LRF1200A is a high-performance semiconductor laser rangefinder module designed for a wide range of applications, including handheld rangefinders, micro UAVs, and rangefinder scopes. It utilizes a...
905nm Laser Rangefinder Module

905nm Laser Rangefinder Module 2000A

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This 905nm pulsed laser rangefinder module has a range of 2000m and is characterized by small size, light weight and long measuring distance. It can be applied to...
905nm Laser Rangefinder Module-4000m

Laser Rangefinder Module 4000A

DESCRIPTION Reveal an OEM laser rangefinder module that is compact, eye-safe, and highly integrated, renowned for its versatile application possibilities and adaptability. This module seamlessly integrates into various systems and...

905nm Laser Rangefinder Module Series

This product is simple to use. You only need to connect the power supply wires (two wires) and communication wires (three wires) to start working. It operates fully automatically internally. The power supply line can be powered by 3V~5V. The communication line can use UART, RS232 and RS422 electrical interfaces (choose one of the three). At the same time, the host computer test software, instruction set and communication protocol are provided to facilitate users’ secondary development.

Versatile Laser Ranging Applications

This product is widely used in camera ball machines, face recognition, UAV pods, target indicators, infrared night vision, visible light reconnaissance, gun sights, artillery sights and other occasions that require laser ranging functions. It can also be used in civilian measurement situations. , such as aviation, police, railway, electric power, water conservancy, communications, environment, geology, construction, fire protection, blasting, agriculture, forestry, real estate, outdoor sports, etc.