Laser Target Designator

A Laser Target Designator (LTD) integrates advanced laser technology for precise distance measurement and target marking. This dual-capability device is essential in guiding precision-guided munitions accurately to their targets while ensuring minimal collateral damage.

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Laser Target Designer&Laser Rangefinder -LDR20K1

DESCRIPTION The LR20K1 is a meticulously designed, lightweight, and compact Laser Target Designator and Range Finder that demonstrates exceptional stability and performance in practical applications. It emits laser beams towards...

Laser Target Designer&Laser Rangefinder -LDR40K1

DESCRIPTION The LDR40K1 is a carefully crafted, lightweight, and compact Laser Target Designator and Range Finder, delivering remarkable stability and performance in real-world use. This device emits laser beams to...
Miniature Laser Ranging Target Designators

Laser Target Designators & Laser Rangefinder -LDR100K1

DESCRIPTION The laser range finder target Designators are utilized in conjunction with the DYT field target strike test as laser target Designators. It facilitates rapid and precise targeting for DYT,...
Single-Lens Laser Ranging Target Designator 120mJ

Single-Lens Laser Ranging Target Designator 100mJ

DESCRIPTION This Single-Lens laser target designator adopts a unique light source design, in a verysmall structure size to achieve up to 120mJ laser output, and thepulse width is larger than 10ns, the initial laser divergence angleis 50% smaller than conventional products. The irradiatoradopts the transmitter-receiver integrated common aperturedesign, compact structure, can be applied to optoelectronic pods,vehicle-mounted laser...

Laser Target Designation

Laser Ranging: Utilizes laser beams to determine the distance to a target by measuring the time it takes for the laser to return after reflection. This capability allows for accurate distance calculations, vital for various operations.

Target Designation: Marks targets with a laser that precision-guided weapons can detect and follow. This feature is crucial for directing munitions to specific targets with high precision.

The integration of LRTDs represents a significant advancement in precision targeting and measurement technologies, offering essential tools for both military efficiency and commercial precision. Our 1064 nm laser target designators can achieve rapid and precise targeting. These tools have great rangefinding abilities that make sure you can ensure accurate target designation for various tactical scenarios.

Key Advantages

Extended Range: The 1064 nm wavelength offers exceptional range, which makes it possible to identify targets even in difficult circumstances.

Enhanced Precision: The laser designator gives you perfect precision, which is essential for successful targeting operations

Rapid Targeting: Achieve faster target acquisition and designation compared to traditional methods.


Military: In military operations, LRTDs are indispensable for enhancing the accuracy of airstrikes, artillery, and missile engagements. By precisely marking targets, they allow for effective use of smart bombs and guided missiles across different platforms, including UAVs, aircraft, naval ships, and ground vehicles, as well as in individual soldier gear.

Commercial: LRTD technology is utilized in sectors such as geospatial surveying, construction, and precision agriculture. These applications benefit from the precise distance measurements provided by laser ranging for tasks including land surveying, mapping, infrastructure development, and agricultural optimization.