1535nm Eye Safety Laser Rangefinder Telescope

Discover our Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder Telescope, equipped with advanced laser technology for precise distance measurement. This versatile device combines the functions of a rangefinder and telescope, ensuring accuracy while prioritizing safety. Ideal for various applications, from outdoor adventures to professional use, it offers reliable performance with minimal risk.
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LRF3500D Laser Rangefinder ERDI TECH LTD

1535nm Laser Ranging Telescope 3500m

DESCRIPTION The LRF3500D laser ranging telescope is developed based on the independently developed 1535nm erbium glass laser. It is a Class I eye safe product and has rich functions. The main...
Individual laser ranging telescope

Eyesafe Laser Ranging Telescope 6000m

DESCRIPTION The LRF6000D laser ranging telescope is developed based on the 1535nm erbium glass laser. Considered one of the long-distance rangefinders, LRF6000D offers 6KM maximum range capacity. It is a Class...
1535nm Eye-safe Laser

Eyesafe Laser Ranging Telescope 10km

DESCRIPTION The LRF10000D 1535nm eye-safe laser ranging telescope 10km is developed based on the independently developed 1535nm erbium glass laser. It is a Class I eye safety product and has...
Ranging Binoculars

Double-pupil Handheld Five-light Laser Ranging Binoculars

Laser Binoculars DESCRIPTION Eye safety Laser ranging handheld five-light lidar binoculars are small, intelligent observation devices integrating infrared, low-light, visible light, a laser rangefinder, and a laser pointer. It has...

Rangefinder Telescope

Our Eye Safety Laser Rangefinder Telescope sets the standard for precision and safety in distance measurement. Engineered with advanced technology and stringent safety protocols, it ensures accurate readings without compromising on eye safety. Whether for professional use or recreational activities, trust in our rangefinder telescope for dependable performance and peace of mind.

Key Advantages

Experience the unparalleled advantages of our Eye Safety Laser Rangefinder Telescope. With its ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and high-performance optics, it offers ease of use and exceptional accuracy. Furthermore, its eye-safe laser technology provides added reassurance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including outdoor sports, hunting, and surveying.


From outdoor enthusiasts to professional users, our Eye Safety Laser Rangefinder Telescope finds its application across various domains. Whether measuring distances on the golf course, tracking game during hunting expeditions, or conducting land surveys, its versatility and precision make it an indispensable tool. Explore the limitless possibilities and elevate your distance measurement experience with our rangefinder telescope.