Intelligent Laser Distance Meter

Intelligent Laser Distance Meter

Technical Field:
This innovative technology pertains to a measuring tool, specifically an intelligent laser distance meter designed for vehicles to measure the distance between the vehicle and obstacles in its path.

The advent of automobiles has brought immeasurable benefits to society, especially with the increasing prevalence of highways. While vehicular transportation has become more advanced, it has unfortunately led to a higher incidence of accidents, particularly rear-end collisions during foggy or rainy weather. One major contributing factor to these accidents is the inability of trailing vehicles to observe the distance to the vehicle in front and apply timely brakes. Despite the existence of radar-based distance measurement devices, their high cost and slow adoption hinder widespread usage.

The intelligent laser distance meter described in this technology comprises an emission modulator (1) for laser emission and a reception modulator (2) for receiving laser beams reflected from obstacles. The reception modulator (2) outputs demodulated pulse signals to a connected pulse selector (3). The signal microprocessor (4) is linked to both the pulse selector (3) and, after calculating time differences and pulse velocities, inputs the results into the distance display and reporting meter (6).

The distance display and reporting meter (6) can be a digital display or a voice-based device. To prevent delayed braking, a braking controller (5) connected to the signal microprocessor (4) and linked to the vehicle's braking system can be added after the distance display signal is emitted.

Operation Principle:
The device emits frequency-divided pulse signals composed of crystals and oscillators. After modulation, these signals are transmitted towards obstacles. Upon reception and demodulation by the receiver, useful pulse signals are selected by the pulse selector. The microprocessor calculates time differences and pulse velocities, displaying the relative distance through mathematical operations and decoding. Simultaneously, the microprocessor feeds information into a voice recognition system, emitting voice signals indicating the relative distance between vehicles. In case of an emergency signal detection, the controller initiates braking.

This innovation effectively measures distances between vehicles and obstacles on highways during adverse weather conditions, displaying the information on the vehicle dashboard and providing audible distance alerts. It automatically warns and brakes in critical situations, preventing severe accidents and frequent rear-end collisions in foggy conditions.

Assembled within a compact handheld device priced at around one hundred units, this cost-effective product from ERDI TECH LTD offers practicality and accessibility. Components utilized in this technology, such as emission modulators, reception modulators, pulse selectors, signal microprocessors, distance displayers, and braking controllers, are mature and readily available products. The device achieves a time error of no more than 0.5μS and distance measurement error within a range of 6mm. The effective emission and reception distance (dependent on power) generally fall between 0.1m and 500m.

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