ERDI Sets New Standards to 905nm Laser Rangefinder Module

ERDI Sets New Standards to 905nm Laser Rangefinder Module

As the leading laser rangefinder manufacturer, ERDI released a new series of 905 nm laser ranging modules. Designed to surpass existing solutions in the market, these products provide exceptional performance in various applications.

Product Introduction

ERDI's new 905nm series laser rangefinder modules are based on 905nm semiconductor lasers. They are long-range, high-precision, small-size, and low-power laser rangefinder products. The whole series includes four products, with the range capability of 1km, 2km, 3km and 4km for natural targets respectively.

The products are easy to use. Simply connect the power cable (two wires) and the communication cable (three wires) to work. It runs fully automatically internally. The power cable can be powered by 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, or 12V. You can use UART, RS232, and RS422 electrical interfaces as the communication cable.

At the same time, each provides the upper computer test software, instruction set, and communication protocol, which is convenient for users to carry out secondary development. The product features light weight, small volume, and stable performance.

These rangefinder modules are widely used in camera domes, face recognition, UAV pods, target designators, infrared night vision, visible light reconnaissance, gun sights, artillery sights, and other occasions that require laser range function. It can also be applied to civil measurement occasions, such as aviation, police, railway, electric power, water conservancy, communication, environment, geology, construction, fire fighting, blasting, agriculture, forestry, real estate, outdoor sports, etc.

Key Features

These products have the following advantages over other similar products:

Wide measuring range, high accuracy

Under the condition of the same rangefinder size, the rangefinding ability of similar products in the market is up to 1.5km. In comparison, the rangefinding ability of this series of products can reach 4km.

work normally in rain, snow, and fog

Similar products on the market may not be able to range or may produce incorrect data in rain, snow, and fog weather. However, these product uses advanced technologies to ensure that they can be used normally in rain, snow, and foggy weather.

Penetrate glass to range real targets outside the window

When the rangefinder is installed indoors or inside the camera dome to measure the distance to the real target outside through the glass, similar rangefinders on the market can only give the distance value at the glass, and may not be able to give the distance to the real target outside the glass window. These products can automatically identify and eliminate ranging interference (glass window) through advanced technologies and give the distance of the real target outside the window, that is, it has "multi-target detection capability".

High ranging accuracy

The distance value error of this product is less than 30cm at a range of 100m to 1km, and the ranging error is less than 1m at a range of 1km to 4km.

Small ranging blind zone

Similar products on the market cannot output results within 3 meters, while this product can range from 1 meter for close-range targets.

Small size, lightweight, wide temperature adaptability

Ultra-compact size and ultra-lightweight (10g, metal shell), metal shell and software and hardware design ensure that this product has extremely wide temperature adaptability (-40℃~+85℃). Similar products on the market are difficult to work in such a wide temperature range.


The price is better than similar products on the market. Due to the large output of ERDI, the production cost is reduced, and the corresponding quality and performance are stable.

Product Models and Parameters


Technical data






Eye safe

Class 3R(IEC 60825-1)



Divergence angie







≥1500m (large target)

≥2000m (large target)

≥2300m (large target)





Single, 1Hz, 2Hz


Single, 1Hz, 2Hz

Detection accuracy


False alarm rate


Data interface



DC 3~5 V

Standby power


Average power consumption





Dimention (L×W×H)




≤32 × 20 × 25mm

Operation temperature


Storage temperature


Mechanical Shock

1 200 g,1 ms


5~50~5 Hz,1 Octave range /min,2.5 g


MTBF≥1 500 h

Response time



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