Innovative Leader in Pulsed Laser Ranging Technology

Innovative Leader in Pulsed Laser Ranging Technology Laser Ranging

ERDI TECH LTD has achieved a major breakthrough in the field of laser technology, successfully developing a target acquisition method and device for high-precision short-pulse laser rangefinders under low signal-to-noise ratios.

Background Technology:

Traditional pulse laser rangefinders typically utilize microcontrollers for control calculations and analysis, employing shift registers for echo storage and then transferring them through microcontrollers to memory units for accumulation processing. However, this approach suffers from fixed transmission times, lack of dedicated high-speed signal processors, slow computation speeds, unprocessed pulse widths, and poor noise handling, leading to issues such as low speed, long delay times, and inability to adapt to various environments and conditions. To address these challenges, ERDI TECH LTD presents an innovative solution.

Inventive Content:

The research and development team at ERDI TECH LTD has focused on creating a target acquisition method and device for pulsed laser rangefinders, aimed at enhancing computation speed and accuracy, reducing noise, and adapting to diverse environmental and modal conditions. Through intensive research and exploration, we have successfully developed a revolutionary technical solution.

Detailed Implementation:

Our method for target acquisition in pulsed laser rangefinders encompasses the following innovative steps:

  1. Laser Signal Transmission: Based on environmental conditions, environmental modes are selected, and our laser transmission device can emit pulsed laser signals according to predetermined transmission times and intervals for the chosen environmental mode. This step ensures that our laser rangefinder can flexibly adjust transmission parameters to suit various measurement requirements under different environmental conditions.

  2. Laser Signal Reception: We employ advanced light receivers that feed each received echo, formed by laser signals reflected from targets and noise generated by environmental interferences, into differential circuits for shaping. By eliminating pulses with widths less than one clock cycle and constraining pulses with widths greater than one clock cycle to a single pulse width, we generate neat but discontinuous shaped echoes. This step effectively eliminates noise interference and enhances the quality of received signals.

  3. Temporary Storage and Accumulation of Shaped Echoes: Prior to subsequent transmissions, we leverage advanced temporary storage technology to directly complete data temporary storage, extraction accumulation, and storage of accumulated data for the previously received shaped echoes. This step ensures data accuracy and stability, providing a reliable data foundation for subsequent target acquisition.

  4. Target Acquisition: By activating the distance calculation program in the microprocessor, we utilize statistical methods to tally echo times and conduct data analysis and statistics. We process data portions greater than set values and eliminate portions less than set values to remove random and systematic noise. The maximum value after statistics is detected, and based on its address, it is converted into distance data to derive the target distance. This step achieves high-speed, high-precision target distance calculations through advanced algorithms and processor technology.

Our target acquisition device for pulsed laser rangefinders comprises critical components such as mode selectors, laser transmitters, laser signal receivers, differential circuits, clock pulse generators, accumulators, beat generators, and microprocessors. These components have been meticulously designed and optimized to collectively form the core technological architecture of our innovative solution. By employing advanced techniques such as phase-locked loop technology for frequency multiplication processing of low-frequency crystal oscillators, dual-port synchronous RAM for storage of echo signals, and hardware accumulators for accumulative calculations on RAM-stored echo signals, we have significantly enhanced computation speed, test distances, and data processing accuracy while reducing noise and accommodating short-pulse laser ranging under various modal conditions.


Through continuous research and innovation, ERDI TECH LTD has successfully developed a revolutionary target acquisition method and device for pulsed laser rangefinders. Our technical solution not only improves computation speed and accuracy while reducing noise interference but also adapts to changes in various environmental and modal conditions. This will bring tremendous value and convenience to distance measurement and position sensing applications in various industry sectors. We look forward to collaborating with partners to promote the application and development of this technology in broader fields,to learn more, visit


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