ERDI TECH LTD's Laser Distance Measurer Mounted on Frame

ERDI-TECH-LTD-s-Laser-Distance-Measurer-Mounted-on-Frame Laser Ranging

Addressing the complexities and wear-and-tear issues associated with traditional mechanical distance measuring devices, ERDI TECH LTD is dedicated to providing a more advanced and reliable solution with our frame-mounted laser distance measurer. Specifically designed for measuring road distances, our innovative device aims to overcome the inconveniences and accuracy challenges encountered by traditional distance measuring instruments.

Technological Innovations and Features:

  1. Frame Structure: Our laser distance measurer features a robust frame equipped with a distance measuring wheel, sensors, and a counter. This design ensures the stability and reliability of the instrument.

  2. Stable Wheel Layout: Unlike traditional measurers with only one distance measuring wheel, ours incorporates two stable wheels on the frame, forming a triangular distribution with the measuring wheel. This layout prevents the measurer from tipping during use and maintains a straight trajectory.

  3. Magnetic Sensor Technology: Introducing magnetic sensors combined with magnets to replace traditional mechanical gear transmissions. The magnet on the measuring wheel triggers the magnetic sensor every revolution, generating an electrical pulse signal transmitted via wires to the counter on the frame.

  4. Calculation Accuracy: After receiving the electrical pulse signal, the counter converts the signal into a count of the measuring wheel's circumference. Multiplying the count by the measuring wheel's circumference yields an accurate road distance measurement.

  5. Center of Gravity Design: Placing the center of gravity of the frame within the isosceles triangle formed by the three wheels ensures stability regardless of the device's orientation.

Technical Standards:

  • High Precision Measurement: ERDI TECH LTD's laser distance measurer boasts high accuracy, with measurement errors within ±0.1 meters.

  • Stability: Utilizing a three-wheel design and center of gravity layout ensures stability in various conditions, preventing tipping.

  • Durability: Abandoning mechanical transmission systems reduces the use of vulnerable components, enhancing the measurer's lifespan.

  • Auto Calibration: Our laser distance measurer features automatic calibration, ensuring measurement accuracy in different environments.

ERDI TECH LTD's frame-mounted laser distance measurer is a tool with a simple structure, easy usability, and high reliability, suitable for various road measurement tasks. For more technical specifications and usage details, please visit our official website at

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