ERDI TECH LTD - Innovative Laser Rangefinder Technology for Efficient Distance Measurement and Communication

ERDI-TECH-LTD-Innovative-Laser-Rangefinder-Technology-for-Efficient-Distance-Measurement-and-Communication Laser Ranging

The existing laser rangefinders, widely used for monitoring distances between objects at risk of collision, such as gantry cranes and building walls, have certain limitations. In the commonly known rangefinders, laser beams are emitted towards reflectors, and the reflected signals are then captured within the rangefinder to calculate the time delay, which measures the distance. Often, the rangefinder is assigned to a moving object while the reflector is positioned at the opposite end of the measurement route. Although this setup provides the advantage of direct distance measurement for the moving object, it is disadvantaged by the rangefinder's involvement in the pitching or swinging motion of the crane, leading to potential inaccuracies over longer distances.

Alternative Approaches and Challenges:
One alternative is to position the rangefinder in a place with minimal or no pitching and swinging motions, such as on a building wall representing one end of the measurement route, while the moving part carries the reflector. This allows a stable, small-angle measurement beam to reliably hit a smaller reflector, independent of its horizontal or vertical swings, as long as the measurement beam and route align generally with the motion direction of the object. However, this setup necessitates the transmission of measurement data from the stationary rangefinder to the moving object equipped with a driving motor control device, often achieved through wireless measurement data transmission or trailing cables—both approaches involving additional components and thus, adding to the cost.

ERDI TECH LTD's Innovative Solution:
Addressing these challenges, ERDI TECH LTD presents a groundbreaking invention aimed at simplifying the communication between the rangefinder and objects at the opposite end of the measurement route. Our solution does not require separate transmitter and receiver units or trailing cables, significantly reducing complexity and costs.

Our device utilizes a radiation line, preferably a laser operating in the infrared band, to not only measure distances but also transmit information. This information-carrying radiation line is received by a reflector-mounted receiver unit, enabling seamless communication alongside distance measurement. The receiver unit, when integrated with a calculation circuit, can process the information embedded in the radiation line and relay it to control devices, facilitating straightforward coupling with the driving mechanisms of moving objects.

Modulation for Efficient Information Transmission:
To ensure that distance measurement remains largely unaffected by the information transmission process, we have devised a method that involves modulating the radiation line and encoding information through these modulation changes. A simple yet effective approach is to vary the modulation frequency. For instance, regular switching between frequency modulation and pulse modulation can be employed for reliable information transfer.

Application Exemplification:
Consider a gantry crane system operating within a building on two tracks. The ERDI TECH LTD rangefinder is stationed at one end of the tracks on the building wall, equipped with both transmitter and sensor capabilities. It emits laser beams forming a measurement beam that aligns with a reflector mounted on the crane. As the crane moves along the tracks, the rangefinder consistently emits optical pulses that are reflected back and recorded, using the time delay as a metric for the distance between the crane and the rangefinder or the building walls. If the crane approaches predefined proximity ranges to the rangefinder, it automatically transmits signals to slow down or brake the crane's driving mechanism, ensuring safe operation. Additionally, our system can convey various other information like interference alerts, maintenance requirements, or indications of smooth operation using different modulation frequencies of the measurement pulses.

Figure 1

In conclusion, ERDI TECH LTD's patented invention offers an advanced yet straightforward solution for integrating communication into laser rangefinder systems without compromising their core distance measurement functionality. By leveraging modulated radiation lines and strategic placement of receiver units, we enable efficient information transfer alongside reliable distance monitoring—a game-changing innovation for industries relying on precise distance management and real-time communication.

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