Erbium-doped Glass Laser Rangefinder: Innovative Technology to Improve Measurement Accuracy

Erbium-doped-Glass-Laser-Rangefinder-Innovative-Technology-to-Improve-Measurement-Accuracy Laser Ranging

In the rapidly evolving field of laserrangefinding technology, ERDI TECH LTD is leading the charge with its unique erbium-doped Glass Laser Rangefinder , which overcomes the drawbacks of existing technologies to achieve long-distance, high-precision detection.

The erbium-doped Glass laser Rangefinderfrom ERDI TECH LTD incorporates advanced laser technology, combined with the unique properties of Erbium-doped glass, to push the boundaries of laser rangefinding. The device is characterized by its small size, light weight, and low power consumption, while achieving high repetition rates, simple control, and reduced power supply pressure. Its exceptional environmental adaptability enables it to operate normally in adverse weather conditions and complex environments.

The core component of this laser Rangefinderis the erbium-doped Glass Laser Transmitter and Receiver. The main body of the device features a first that divides the internal space into a left-hand compartment and a right-hand compartment. Inside the left compartment, there is an Erbium-doped Glass Laser Receiver, while inside the right compartment, a second is vertically arranged to divide it into a right front compartment and a right back compartment. Inside the right front compartment, there is an Erbium-doped Glass Laser Transmitter, and inside the right back compartment, there is a power supply that provides electricity to the Erbium-doped Glass Laser Transmitter and Receiver.

In the specific implementation scheme, the erbium-doped Glass laserReceiver includes a receiving lens, a avalanche diode, a cap, and a receiving circuit board. The receiving lens is fixed to the upper sidewall of the main body of the device and covers the left opening. The cap is fixed to the third board, while the avalanche diode is placed inside the cap. The receiving circuit board is positioned below the cap and is electrically connected to the avalanche diode. This design allows the receiver to accurately receive laser signals from the target object.

On the other hand, the erbium-doped Glass laserTransmitter includes an Erbium-doped glass laser, a laser emission lens, and an emission circuit board. The laser emission lens is fixed to the upper sidewall of the main body of the device and covers the right opening. The emission circuit board is located in the right front compartment, electrically connected to the Erbium-doped glass laser, and also signal connected to the receiving circuit board. This design enables the transmitter to accurately emit laser signals to the target object.

In addition, the erbium-doped Glass laser Rangefinderalso includes a receiver cover plate and a transmitter cover plate that seal off the respective compartments to protect the devices from environmental factors. There is also a power supply cover plate at the rear that seals off the right back compartment to prevent moisture or damage to the power supply.

Overall, ERDI TECH LTD's erbium-doped Glass laser Rangefinderstands out with its unique design and high performance, improving both the accuracy and range of laser rangefinding. Its innovative technology and optimized optical design make it a market standout. This product is suitable for measuring moving targets and tracking, with optimized optics that fully consider system design redundancy, making it suitable for adverse weather conditions. Its small size, light weight, and low power consumption make it suitable for use in adverse environments.

With ERDI TECH LTD's erbium-doped Glass laser Rangefinder, we see endless possibilities and potential in laser rangefinding technology. The emergence of this product poses new challenges and opportunities for the laser rangefinding field. We look forward to ERDI TECH LTD's future innovations and groundbreaking products.

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